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Dream Big. Think Small.

Updated: Apr 26

"Dream Big. Think Small." is a simple yet powerful phrase that encourages an individual to have ambitious long-term goals while focusing on small steps towards achieving those goals. It emphasizes the importance of both dreaming big and taking small practical steps to turn those dreams into reality.

Creating a Beyond-The-Horizon 3-year-plan with Midground Horizon Seasonal / 90-day action steps is effective in aligning your vision with actionable tasks. Let’s break it down with this sample:

1. Dream Big: The Three-Year Vision (Long-Term):

- Define what results you want to be achieved for yourself and your ministry three years from now.

- Focus on the 'what', not the 'how'. For example:

By June 1, 2027, I see myself reflecting hope and connecting people as I develop disciple-makers and community leaders, spend time with family, travel, take walks, and write stories.

2. Think Small: Seasonal / 90-Day Action Steps (Short-Term):

- Set action steps for this next Season / 90 Days. If Summer is coming up, determine what you will do this season as you work towards accomplishing your long-term 3-year goal.

- These action steps should be specific, time-bound, and achievable. For example:

By September 1, 2024, I will have discovered two people to be disciple-makers, discovered a community need, and spent time together with my family for at least a weekend.

Before the end of the Summer / 90 days, set the action steps for the Fall / next 90 days. Remember, this approach balances motivation with practicality. Each phase builds upon the other, ensuring progress toward your long-term vision.

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