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"Unpacking the Role of Healing in the Church Today: Is The Holy Spirit the Missing Component?"

It is said that healing is too often the missing element in the Church today. As Christ lived he healed, he taught, and he preached.

Now there is often a lot of preaching at people and then if they respond there is much teaching to endure. Healing is too often missing because we have dismissed the Holy Spirit with a nod and thought we could continue on ourselves.

Without an acknowledgment of the Holy Spirit we just “do” church without “being” what only the Church can be. A healing place.

Many places today preach at people. Many places deliver teaching. Those places sometimes are in churches.

The real healing place is the church following the instructions and example of Jesus to do so with the power of the Holy Spirit who he promised would come to us as the Father showed him all things.

We’ve relegated “healing” to the medical “professionals.” Don’t quit on them. They are learning and have many skills and we should be grateful to them for helping us. I am very grateful to the many doctors and nurses and so many others that have and are helping me and others around the world.

They are doing their job. It’s time for the church to do ours.

Healing comes from God and we need to believe that God heals. To do that we need to invite the Holy Spirit to do what only the Holy Spirit can do. Pray fervently and press in to God, fast, whatever that is for you, and don’t give up.

This will take us closer to God than ever before. Notice the word “us.” That is me, that is you, that is the many praying to God for God to break through our diseases, our minds, and our hearts. Sometimes individuals hesitate to let their hearts and minds be changed because they don’t see the church trusting the Holy Spirit. Perhaps they wouldn’t describe it that way but that is what is often happening.

When people think that the church has no power they may be right…if we have told the Holy Spirit that we can handle this on our own.

But if we will humbly invite the Holy Spirit to come into our lives and our churches with fresh power and the Fresh Wind that only God can provide then healing inevitably comes. The Holy Spirit didn’t walk away from us, it was us who shut the Spirit of God out.

Healing is a beautiful thing when you’ve experienced it for yourself or for one you love. God loves the whole world and when we join in that love then healing flows naturally, supernaturally, and the Church experiences healing power and the world is never the same. I am never the same. You are never the same.

"Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness." Matthew 9:35

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